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Фрагменты из книги Дженны Джеймсон, написанной ею в соавторстве с Нейлом Страуссом.



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Russian Teen Brunette Wanted (Classic?)

Автор: Stalker (2 февраля 2010 00:00)
Anastasiya Lebedeva, Maria, Marusya, Olga(?).
I've been tracking this girl trying to find movies and photo sets but seems that she got retired coz i cant find anything from her after 2005.
Everything i know is that she participated in some SPB Films and Teenscoreclub.
Please someone help me get more stuff about this gorgeous brunette.
I also know that she got a page on this site but i'm looking for more rare stuff like her movie on Teenscoreclub to download.
Here some of her photos:


Автор: Stalker (13 февраля 2010 17:54)
Nobody? No links or words/whereabouts?C'mon people...

Автор: Фанфан (13 февраля 2010 18:53)
This site only Russian work of the actress.
Foreign movies with her participation at the present time I do not know.

Автор: Stalker (14 февраля 2010 16:20)
And that is what im interested in, all her russian works. But i want the rarest ones. Once i found a page where she was with a guy in a sofa, dressed with a white shirt written ' pornstar ' and a blue skirt and he hardcored she nicely. Thats why i like her, she has always been hardcored by her mates. Im searching again for that page, i found a set where im sure that was the same scenary, same couch AND same guy doing another girl so, think im close.
>>The movies im looking for are all Russian works, not foreign im sure.
I want that one with the 2 guys at , the one with a long haired man in a pink bed, this one i just said in a sofa being hardcored and that from russian-paradise or ive found where she have a nice sex with a guy in a white/blue striped bed.
And some other new jobs and set i dont know yet!
The hard part about this girl is that she has some alias, and this leaves the searches for her much harder.
It took me a long time to know that her name was Anastasia Lebedeva and even i knew that, some SPB movies she worked list her like Veronika. Ive also found a gallery with her in Andy's Collection and her name was Veronika as well.
So...Anastasia, Veronika, Maria, Olga...
Thats why im lookin for help people! Thanks.

Автор: (15 февраля 2010 17:34)
Try to see this russian collection of scenes from the movies.
"The Best from Marusya"

Автор: Stalker (16 февраля 2010 00:36)
Yeah thats what im talkin about! Thanks but i already got this one in dvd :P Veeery good colection from her movies.
I want more, please!
Thank you guys.

Автор: Stalker (19 февраля 2010 21:43)
I've found some galleries featuring her at Andy's collection site and galleries, but unfortunately, RP turned into TeenBurg and these pages are no longer available.
Too bad...
Still, theres no trace about that teenscoreclub video. I'm still searching!
Any news and galls, please post guys! Thanks!

Автор: Stalker (21 февраля 2010 06:57)
Found another one:
Part 1 of 3 i think...
She's under Veronika alias in this site. How confusing.
Keep posting!

Автор: Stalker (24 февраля 2010 23:58)
I am talking about THIS video:
Anyone?PLease? Thanks.

Автор: reddog1976 (18 ноября 2010 06:24)
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Французский бульдог
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